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What happens when you move to a weird little town full of monsters in your quest for a better job?

Well, if you land in the town of Darling Down, you do what any sensible young woman would do: you date one of the monsters! Surely nothing can go wrong!

Currently the game is in development, and this is a demo! All the boys' routes will be their own separate games, and the game (and description) will be updated to link to each boy's route as they're completed.


  • 7 unique monster boys for you to date!
  • Dateable boys include: an object head, a skeleton, a vampire, a ghost, a Grim Reaper, a naga, and an alien
  • 2 endings ("good end" and "bad end") for each boy, for a total of 14 endings
  • prologue is roughly 10k words long

If you'd like to leave some feedback, please consider the questions below!

Who was your favorite boy? Or did you like them all equally? Whose full route would you like to play first?

Was the writing compelling? Was it fun to read? Did it draw you in?

Did the choices make sense?

Was the color scheme okay, or could it use some tweaking? If so, how?

How did the art look? Do you have any tips to make the art feel like more a part of the game? Was it a good addition, or was the art too distracting/jarring compared to the text?

Did you find any typos or game glitches? If so, where were they and can you describe them?

Any other comments, as far as what you liked, didn't like, or what you think could be improved on?

Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy the game!

Install instructions

Download the .html file. After it's downloaded, run it, and it should open in your browser.


More Than Monsters demo.html 3 MB


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Ahhh, no werewolf in this game! I may be doing a spin-off in the future, once I finish all these guys' routes, that could have a werewolf, though. c: